Online Master Class: Manifesting with Checks 101

Dive into the practice of deliberately creating more of what you want using checks as a tool. Learn how to apply strategic rituals to your own manifestation practices.

June 19th, 2023

7pm est 

Please expect an email that provides confirmation of your enrollment to the class within 24 hours of your purchase. Expect details that you will need to access the live class within 24 hours of the class start time. 

Virtual Vision Board Party

Clarify, explore, create, and enhance your visions for the lifestyle that you desire. Get insight to create a vision board that works for you and enhance your ability to manifest your desires.
The virtual event includes:
- Interactive Group Coaching
- Lifestyle Feng Shui Insight for 2024

- Monology manifesting insight
- From Vision Board-to-Reality success tips and tricks
- FB Book Support Group
- Meeting Dates: 3/16/024

- Time: 7pm - 9:30pm est