Manifesting with Intention is a Lifestyle.

When people first begin manifesting with intention they usually are trying to bring about drastic changes to their current situation. Frequently they don’t experience success because they are unwilling to change their lifestyle in preparation to receive their desires.

Your current situation is created by your current mindset. In order to receive and maintain the life of your dreams there are some fundamental changes within you that must take place.

  • You must take the time to get clear and focused. Not just one time but daily. Multiple times a day if necessary. Manifestation starts with you. Maintaining clarity and a high vibration continuously is key.
  • Connect with what you want. Make it a daily practice to use your imagination to visualize and feel your desires. Have pictures or quotes that you look at frequently to maintain that connection.
  • Give yourself the best chance for success. Read books to work on your mindset. Change your circle of friends and associates to people that are already in alignment with what you want. Whether they have achieved it or are diligently working towards it. Set up your living and working environments to reflect your new outlook and beliefs. 

Manifesting with intention is truly a lifestyle and if you commit to it, there is nothing you can’t achieve. Living as if you have already received your manifestations will leave the Universe no choice but to deliver.

Written by Nishisksi Chandler

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